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Clinical Psychologist

Karla sees individuals over 18 years old.


Our clinical and counselling psychologist, Karla, has been providing support, care, and understanding to our local community over twenty years.

She believes everyone deserves kindness, respect, and a safe space to express themselves freely.

Making the initial step to access this type of care can feel overwhelming…but it is worth the risk to be heard and given a voice towards self-kindness.

Outside of Karla’s loungeroom-styled counselling room, she is a dog mother of four Hungarian Vizslas.

Karla is available weekdays and Saturday.


For referrers

Karla offers the following treatment modalities, depending on presentation:

Motivational interviewing; solution-focussed behavioural therapy; cognitive-behavioural therapy; behavioural therapy (e.g. PET, imagery techniques, ERP); trauma informed therapy (e.g. EMDR); grief counselling; and general counselling.

As well as applications of: polyvagal theory and therapy; dialectical behavioural therapy; and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Karla has a PhD and is a fellow of the APS Clinical College, and the APS Counselling College.

Karla has supervised over 100 psychologists nationally for registration and endorsement in both Colleges as well as, disciplinary processes.



Mary Anne had 10 years in general hospitals before starting in private practice. This blended over the years with her work in manual therapy for neck and back / arthritic /chronic pain/  and Pilates Studio , and hydrotherapy practice at Chermside Aquatic Centre, as well as aged care part time for home visit aged care.

She also has run Tai Chi classes and Hydrotherapy classes when working at Aveo Clayfield.

Currently as well as operating her practice in Nundah Village Family Practice, she runs hydrotherapy classes and one-on-one aquatic treatment at  Chermside Indoor Hydro Pool for chronic pain, post hip and knee op and arthritic and NDIS patients.



An accredited Podiatrist graduated from the University of Southhampton. He specialises in managing lower limb pain, mobility and health concerns secondary to chronic disease (Diabetes, Stroke, Circulatory Disease & Arthritis). Managing lower limb pain, mobility and health concerns in the active (children, gym user, athlete, recreational athlete and healthy lifestyle seekers).  Matthew is available on Tuesdays



Julietta graduated with her Masters of Dietetics Studies after completing a Bachelors of Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Science at the University of Queensland. She is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist who is passionate about chronic disease management.   Julietta is committed to educating and empowering her clients to make sustainable lifestyle changes to help her clients walk out feeling motivated and confident that they can achieve their goals.  Outside of the clinic Julietta is a competitive rugby union player,  which has sparked an interest in optimising nutrition to enhance athletic performance.  


Clinical Psychologist

Emma-Leigh Senyard is a Clinical Psychologist who has experience working with children right through to older adults, in a number of settings including community clinics, private practice and rehabilitation. Emma-Leigh specialises particularly in the assessment and intervention of children and adolescents, and works with children and their families to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. Emma-Leigh employs a warm, person-centred approach using CBT and behavioural approaches. Emma-Leigh is also an accredited Triple P Provider. Particular specialist areas include: ASD, ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety.


Exercise Physiologist

Mon - Fri 8 AM to 5 PM

Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM

1270 Sandgate Rd, Nundah, QLD

       07 3260 7556

1270 Sandgate Rd, Nundah, QLD, 4012, Australia

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