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Aviation Medical Examination Brisbane


Nundah Village Family Practice offers comprehensive aviation medical examinations. We understand that pilots, air crew and air traffic controllers must be in good health to maintain aviation safety.

There are three main types of medical certificates for people in aviation:

Class 1 Medical Certificate


The certification applies to holders of an Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), Commercial Pilot Licence (other than balloons), Multi-crew pilot (aeroplane) Licence, Flight Engineer Licence or Student Flight Engineer Licence.

Class 1 medical certificate is valid for one year in most occasions. The certificate is finalised and approved by CASA.

Class 2 Medical Certificate


The certification applies to holders of a Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL), and a Commercial Pilot (Balloon) Licence.

Class 2 is subdivided into Standard and Basic.

Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAME) can grant Class 2 medical certificates, usually for 4 years for applicants under the age of 40 years of age and 2 years for those aged >40 years.

Class 3 Medical Certificate

This applies to holders of an Air Traffic Control Licence and Flight Service Officers. This is usually valid for 2 years unless otherwise advised.

Aviation Medicine is an interesting subset of occupational Medicine where the interaction between the aviation environment and human physiology is concerned. The scope of the specialty ranges from learning the complicated physiological stresses experienced by a pilot in flight, to understanding the health concerns related to the air traffic control centres. 

Dr Samuel Min is officially registered as Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA).

He has completed Australian Certificate of Civil Aviation Medicine at Monash University. He also holds CASA Regulatory Aviation Medicine Certificate. 

Book online or call Nundah Village Family Practice on 07 3266 6622 for your first aviation medical examination with Dr Samuel Min.

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