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Pregnancy Care

We are passionate in supporting your journey from conception to delivery to post partum care

Mens Health

We specialise in infertility, erectile dysfunction, issues with waterworks, prostate, hair loss, sexual health and general wellbeing

Child Health & Immunisations

We have advanced training in looking after your young ones. Immunisation, growth speech & development, well baby checks, coping with phases of life, allergy , eczema, feeding issues

Womens health

Dedicated female practitioners to deal help support you with conception, contraception, breast health, cervical/pap smears, mirena/IUD's, menstrual/bleeding irregularities, infertility, sexual health and menopause

Skin Checks

We offer comprehensive Skin checks and treatment for skin cancer, melanomas, lipomas and other skin cysts.

Mental Health

Mental well being is our primary goal. We hope to help you at time of happiness and distress. We look after depression, anxiety, post natal depression, psychosis, body image issues, eating disorders, childhood behaviour issues.

Occupational Medicals

We understand the stress of employment medicals and strive to provide timely comprehensive assessment, plans and reports 

Travel Medicine & Vaccination

Getting away tell us all about it and we'll help ensure that your health is looked after while travelling.

Sexual Health & PREP

We pride ourselves in looking after your sexual wellbeing and have doctors with special interest in LGBTI medicine, PREP &  STI/HIV/ Chlamydia screening

Vasectomy & Circumcisions

Speak to our GP's today if you need information or counselling for vasectomy and circumcisions.

Minor Surgical procedures

Our extensive treatment room setup is equipped to manage minor emergency surgical procedures, ingrown toe nails, skin excisions, vasectomy, circumcisions, mirena/IUD insertion and removal

Iron Infusions

We have extensive experience in assessing for iron deficiency and performing in house Iron infusions.


Struggling to hear the perfect piano note. Ask us today to organise a hearing test.


Struggling with food - too much or too little or have food intolerance or allergies. Make an appointment with our GP's to organise a dietitian review to help with your food journey

All UBER & Driver Medicals

Uber in to get a same day Uber driver authorisation medical check


Having trouble with your feet. Stop by and let our friendly podiatry team help you.


Australian Clinical Labs

Our patients have the option of on site pathology collection 5 days a week.


We all go through difficult times in life. Our GP's specialise in mental health conditions. Make a booking online today.

Aviation Medicine

For all our pilots , flight crew and air traffic controllers Designated Aviation Medical Examination are available  at NVFP.

Exercise Physiology

Don't let minor injuries limit you. Our in house exercise physiology team are dedicated to improve your atheletic performance and look after out veterans.

Mon - Fri 8 AM to 5 PM

Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM

1270 Sandgate Rd, Nundah, QLD

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